Seed Pattern

Completion of the labyrinth

This page shows how the seed pattern is completed to the whole labyrinth for both graphical representations, the walls and the Ariadne's Thread. For this it is important to indicate where the center of the labyrinth is situated on the seed pattern. To complete the labyrinth, connect the two dots / ends of the seed pattern next to the center with an arch around the center. This generates the innermost wall (a)/ circuit (A) of the labyrinth. Then continue with connecting the two ends next to this arch and add one wall / circuit after each other from the inside out. Finally there remains one empty space / end. This is where the pathway enters the labyrinth.

To complete the labyrinth, click on the buttons from top down.

a item2
b item2b A
c item2c B
d item2d C
e item2e D
f item2f E
a: innermost wall, b: second A: innermost circuit, B: second